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The Ones You Left Behind Are Still With You,” Brooklyn Magazine

The End Is Coming,” Them

“Marilyn Says,” “I, Too, Am Drowning,” BORT Quarterly

“Wrong Rapist,” “Note to My Unborn Daughter,” “Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto,”Columbia Journal

“Dead Girls,” “My Vagina Will Be the Death of Me,”Tinderbox Poetry

“Your Body Doesn’t Matter,”Sundress Publications

“Definition of the End of the World,” Rogue Agent Journal

“I’m Writing a Shitty Poem About You in a Starbucks in Midtown,” “Your Body Doesn’t Matter,” “I Only Believe in Psychics When They Tell Me Something Good Will Happen,”Glittermob Magazine

“Beyonce Says,”Fruita Pulp

Donald Trump Winning Means My Body Is on a Witch Trial,” Tarpaulin Sky

Magic Hours,” Queen Mob’s Teahouse

5 Poems,” The James Franco Review

Body Within Body,” Pouch

God of Air,” The Indianapolis Review

Everyone Wants To Be Somebody’s Gatekeeper,” New England Review of Books

You Are Everything to Me,” TYPO

2 Poems,” Split Lip Magazine

A Spell for Reversal,” Entropy

What Makes Light a Star?” The Huffington Post (collaboration with Stephanie Valente & Christine Stoddard)

Leda & the Swan,” Five 2 One (collaboration with Lucas Hunt)

Staying Alive Is Hard Enough,” Spork Press

2 Poems,” Apogee

Satan Loves You,” Clash

The Afterlife Is a Room Full of Windows You Are Trying to Avoid,” Cotton Xenomorph

To the Harvey Weinsteins of the World,” Glass Poetry Press

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors,” Flapperhouse

The End Is Never the End,” Bear Review

Staying Alive Is Hard Enough,” Spork Press

Zero Fucks,” The Rumpus

The Second Wife” Heavy Feather Review


You’re Gonna Scream When You Die,” Joyland

You Are Going to Lose Everything,” Entropy

There Are Three Kinds of Suns,” Ghost City Press

Sea Creature,” New England Review of Books

There Is Never a First Person Narrative,” Rag Queen Periodicals 


Saying It Loudly: I Had an Abortion at Planned Parenthood,” The Feminist Wire

Abortion & the Absence of Motherhood,” BUST

What It’s Really Like Having Trump Supporters for Parents,” BUST

This Is Why I Don’t Call Myself a Woman Anymore,” The Berry

Why I Stopped Shaving All of My Body Hair,” Your Tango

My Body Dysmorphia, Myself,” Luna Luna Magazine

Discovering My Rapist Lives Twenty Minutes Away from Me,” Luna Luna Magazine

In Order to Write Poetry, Don’t Treat It Like Poetry,” Luna Luna Magazine

Suicidal Ideation and Who We Allow to Be Real,” Electric Literature

The Handmaid’s Tale Begs This Question: Is It OK to Be Triggered?” Kveller

The Handmaid’s Tale Is About How Women Treat Each Other & You Should Watch It,” Kveller

The Leftovers Is the Show That Perfectly Explains What Losing a Child Is Like,” Kveller

The Barbaric Silencing of Transgender & Non-Binary People,” Luna Luna Magazine

I Don’t Want to Come Back from the Dead,” The Charles River Journal

Hitler Was a Secret Junkie - But Does It Actually Matter?” Electric Literature

The Realities of Sexual Harassment & Assault in the Workplace,” Luna Luna Magazine

That Time My Therapist Told Me I Wasn’t Raped — And Other Ways People Dismissed My Body,” Stigma Fighters

On John Milton, Operating System

Venice Has My Body: A Love Letter,” Clash

Men Rape for Power, Not for Desire,” Luna Luna Magazine

People Die Because of Harvey Weinstein. Enough Is Enough,” Ravishly


Lucas Hunt on The Gods Are Dead, The Brooklyn Rail

Anthony Cappo on The Gods Are Dead, The Rumpus

Lauren Gordon on Sirs & Madams, Rattle & Pen

Fox Frazier-Foley on Sirs & Madams, TheThePoetry

Elvis Alves on Sirs & MadamsThe Compulsive Reader

Isabella Davis on Sirs & Madams, Probably Crying Review

Kimberly Ann Southwick onXenosPloughshares 

Gabino Iglesias on Marys of the Sea, Electric Literature

Kenyatta J.P. Garcia on Marys of the Sea, Glass Poetry Press

Isobel O'Hare on Marys of the Sea, Nomadic Press

Gretchen Gales on Marys of the Sea, Quail Bell Magazine

Anahi Molina on The Gods Are Dead, New Orleans Review

Andrew Sargus Klein on Marys of the Sea, JMWW

Samantha Pavlov on The Gods Are Dead, Blogging the Numinous 
Juliet Wenzel on Marys of the Sea, SUNY Geneseo

The 10 New Books to Read this FebruaryA Shadow Map included, The Chicago Review of Books

Favorite Poetry Books of 2016,” Dennis Cooper

Best Poetry Books of 2016,” Marys of the Sea included, Entropy

A Brutal Reality: A Review of A Shadow Map,” American Book Review

On Marys of the Sea,” Five 2 One

Feature: Writing & Editing, Brooklyn Magazine

On Marys of the Sea, Entropy

On Editing inclusively, VIDA

On Xenos, Entropy

On Being Femme & Non-Binary, VICE

On Marys of the Sea, Barrelhouse

On Xenos, The Coil

On A Shadow Map, Volume 1 Brooklyn

On Xenos: Must Read, Anomaly 

On Werner Catzog & Poetry, Entropy

On Marys of the Sea & Editing, Pretty Owl Poetry

On Sirs & Madams, The Huffington Post

On balancing writing & editing, Maudlin House

On The Gods Are Dead, Luna Luna Magazine

On Marys of the Sea, The Nervous Breakdown

On Crafts and Inspiration,Tepid Autumn

On Writing & Identity, Italics Mine

Writer Feature & on Sirs & Madams, Never Intent on Arriving

Writer Feature, Femmes Folles

Feature, Brooklyn Poets

Interview on Sirs & Madams, The California Journal of Women Writers

On Marys of the Sea, Operating System


Visual art, exhibits, & performances

ResistTime Means Resist, Vanderbilt Republic, Brooklyn, NY

Aaron Pexa: The Spoils of Anwwn, Urban Glass, Brooklyn, NY

The Lit ExhibitSpectrums, New Women’s Space, Brooklyn, NY

Michael Alan’s Living Installation, Brooklyn, NY

Collage Poetry, Moonchild Magazine

Collage Poetry, Dream Pop Magazine

Done, Quail Bell Magazine, exhibited at Five Myles, Brooklyn, NY

What Makes Light a Star?” The Huffington Post 

God of Water,” Books Without Words, Undercurrent Projects, New York, NY

#Survivor series: American Family, Survivor, BadBad Good Witch, A Separation, & Nonbinary,” Mooky Chick

#Survivor series: Water Witch, Summon, Ghost, Spell for the Dead, Tree of Death, & Earth Witch,” Luna Luna Magazine

The #SURVIVOR Series Explores What It Looks Like to Survive Trauma,” Yes Poetry

Photo Essay: #Survivor by Joanna Valente,” Brokelyn

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